game is an insane online battle by deathmatch rules on island full of surprises. The game Crazy Nite io provides new view on popular games in Battle Royale style. Exciting 20 minutes round is great opportunity to show your fighting skills in new mode. Now you can die on battlefield several times, but despite some setbacks you can win round. For this you just need to earn most experience.

The more actively you fight the more chances to lead this crazy rating and get a well-deserved rewards for brave combat. New cool skins will be available when performing tasks. You can find full list of achievements with appropriate skins if you click on character icon next to your nickname. Any unlocked images you can apply whenever you want to change appearance.
About game

How to play

According to deathmatch rules, your task in Crazynite io battle is to get as much points as possible throughout whole round. You must also complete special tasks to get high ranks. For each accomplishment you will receive a new cool skin.

Experience accumulation in this game is also interesting novelty. Because final score depends on many parameters. Frags, damage done, level of rivals, completed tasks and other components matter. But despite the complexity of counting, the number of frags destroyed is of primary importance.

Crazynite io battle


In the game you will be able to choose any of the proposed game modes where rules are radically different from each other. At the moment, for your pleasure, the following modes are presented:
- War mode according to the rules of a deadly battlefield where you need to fight for a 20 minute round to eliminate the maximum number of enemies.
- Battle Royal mode as it should be will determine the winner according to the rule - Last Survivor.
- Zombie mod where you will be attacked by zombies. In the Crazy Nite Zombie mode, online players do not pose any danger to each other. You only need to fight with the creatures. Fighting begins at nightfall. Until that time, you must stock up on everything you need and take a good position for defense.
- Mode One weapon where all players are armed equally. A new type of weapon is assigned randomly for each game.

Crazynite io result

Main game benefits

This game is really very good and attracts more than many popular games. In the game you will find all the best from the latest Battle Royale io games including ability to build protective walls. Plus, a new unique gameplay that you definitely must try.

If you like, you can join discord community to take part in discussion. There you can express your opinion and give an advice for improvement.

Crazy Nite io drop

More about game

Another feature of the game is explosive red barrels and chests in battle zone. This novelty introduces major adjustments to the battle process.
Pay special attention to these objects, because this is a very dangerous innovation. Don't come close in battle and do not try to open the chest in search of loot. But you can use these objects to your advantage to destroy walls or kill enemies. If you see unwary enemy close to explosives make just one shoot. Barrel will detonate and shred all around.

Move - AWSD plus Shift to speed up.
Shoot - left mouse click.
Build - right click.
Change weapons 1-5 or click on icon.
Open box and Pick up - E.
Drag and drop item to free up inventory.
Choose first-aid kit and hold LMB to heal.

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