Build Royale io

Build Royale io is amazing Battle Royale game with excellent function to build protective walls on enemies way. The game provides new high quality for browser 2D shooting games.
It is worth noting a small number of rivals simultaneously fighting in the same arena. Due to this there is no huge chaos in the initial stages of battle.

Right after game start you find yourself in the lobby to wait for opponents. At this time you can stock up some materials for building defensive walls in battle. For the extraction of resources you have a pickaxe.

Build Royale io

At the beginning of Build Royale io battle you have nothing. The first thing to do is to find weapons and ammunition. It would also be good to stock up on first-aid kits and find blue bottles. In these bottles there is an elixir for increasing endurance - something like additional armor. Apply this booster as soon as possible.

Build Royale io game

How to play

Building function in game is very interesting, but not of primary importance. Building a fortress in an ever-decreasing playing space is not advisable. Install a barrier in the path of your enemy only when there is a real need. Please note that in this 2D game your character can jump. Thus it is possible to overcome obstacles.
Control in this game has its own minor features.
Q to activate Build function.
Space bar to jump.
To choose item in inventory - 1, 2, 3 ... or mouse wheel.
Rest functions are familiar to most games.
AWSD - move. LMB - shoot. RMB - aim. R - reload. Shift - run.

You can also build walls in other 2D shooting game. Try your hand in Crazy Nite io game where you have to fight for 20 minutes round according to deathmatch rules.

Build Battle Royale