Crazy Battle io

Crazy Battle io game is a 2D online shooter with a very unusual war mode. In this crazy battle, you have to fight for a 15-minute round according to the rules of a deathmatch. Previously, the game was known as Crazynite, and now we have new release of this perfect not Battle Royale 2D shooter. Fight bravely and come back on battlefield for revenge.

To win you need to get the maximum points. Therefore, do not sit back in an ambush, but be as active as possible and try to destroy more opponents.

Crazy Battle io

How to play

Land in the war zone and look for weapons and ammunition. Be sure to stock up on the remedies and try to find additional armor. Destroy few walls or other objects to obtain the resources necessary for the building of protective walls. Keep track of the place where the airdrop falls to get the most valuable inventory. Use different types of weapons according to the situation - effectively use a knife, a shotgun, a machine gun or a sniper rifle, find grenades and grenade launchers. Also in Crazy Battle io game you can build walls or destroy ones. In general, this game has almost everything you need for crazy fun. Enjoy!

Play Game

Crazy Battle io game


Use pointer to steer and Spacebar to land faster
Press E to open box and pick up loot.
AWSD - move
Shift - run.
Left click - attack
Right click - build

Crazybattle fun