Crazy Nite io

Crazy Nite io game is a completely new kind of online battle in which Battle Royale style and Deathmatch rules are mixed. In the game you should fight until the end of round that lasts 20 minutes. During this time, you must show the maximum that you are capable of. Even if you die, you can return to the battlefield for revenge.

Find weapons and ammunition, build fortifications, blow up enemy shelters, perform achievements to get high rank and more fun are waiting for you in this crazy battle.

Crazy Nite io

New Crazy Nite io game modes are completely different games with its original rules. Enjoy Zombs mode, Battle Royale, One weapon and coolest Deathmatch war battle.

Crazy Nite io game

How to play

Every time you land on island you have a knife only. During the descent by parachute, you can choose landing place. Press space bar to speed up. Collect weapon and ammunition you are going to use in combat. Press E to pick up.
Move - AWSD, Shift - run.
Shoot - left click, aim - mouse cursor.
Right click to build protective walls.

All loot in the game you can find in brown and gray boxes. Especially valuable things you can get from airdrop box. For example, it may be a bulletproof jacket or cool sniper rifle with which your review will greatly increase. With it you'll be able to kill opponent who do not even see you on screen. Chances to find cool stuff in ordinary boxes are not great.

Crazy Nite