Raids io

Raids io game is riders Battle Royale with awaesome ability to grow and ride fighting dinosaur. In general, the game combines many popular components that were previously used in coolest games in this style.

Accumulate armor, find keys to secret bunkers with cool weapons, increase visibility, grow several pets with different combat characteristics to get a lot of fun in newes super advanced Battle Royale game.

Raids io

Of course, the most basic feature of the game Raids io is the ability to ride fighting dino. Your combat strider is able to break and destroy all obstacles in its path. Also, riders get a large supply of streight and vitality. game

How to play

A variety of gaming components will please everyone who like games in this style. Raids io game it's like nice combination of the best components plus great know-how. At first glance, graphics in this game strongly resembles Surviv io. The narrowing of battle zone is implemented using a gas attack as in Zombsroyale io. Exploding barrels are familiar to us as novelty in CrazyNite io game. Control and main rule of Last Man Standing are typical for all 2D Battle Royale games.

Move - WASD,
Shoot - left click, aim - mouse cursor.
Right click to drop.
E - pick up or interact.
R - reload
Change weapon - mouse wheel.

Riders io Battle Royale