Surviv io

Surviv io is the very first of most popular Battle Royale io shooters in 2D style. Since the advent of game, not a little time has passed but the game still remains very popular among gamers. Game has a huge variety of very interesting options. This game is so well-established that it seems there are no flaws in it at all

Surviv io

You'll find everything you need for a crazy battle royale style entertainment. Beautiful graphics and obedient gameplay can satisfy even the most demanding players. According to the style, game continues until last alive on battlefield. Battle zone gradually diminishes, which leads to inevitable clashes very soon.

Surviv io game

How to play

During existence of Surviv io game a lot of experienced players have appeared. Therefore, it will be quite difficult for a beginner to survive and defeat real professionals.
You will enjoy a wide range of weapons and other optional components. There are first aid kits and additional protective equipment. As a shelter, you can use any objects on the map. You can even go down into the underground bunker.

Around the clock high online make the game Surviv io especially attractive. Regardless of the time of day, there is always a company to have fun. For beginners, the best game mode is SOLO. Having a gaming experience, you can compete adequately in DUO or Squad modes.